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The Simply Music method promises breakthrough results, and I am committed to achieving those results with my students! BUT this requires a cooperative effort between student, teacher, and parent (if the student is a child). These policies are designed to facilitate the entire process and ensure that your investment in this lifelong skill yields the highest return.


  • Kids age 8+ are welcome, as are adults of all ages!
    Kids age 7 and younger are invited to contact me for information about my upcoming
    “Chrysalis Class,” an introduction to music for aspiring little students

  • Lessons are held in the Gill Gallery at the Pacific Grove Art Center on Lighthouse Ave.

  • Shared lessons are 30 to 45 minutes, depending on student ages, levels, and the material covered

  • Private lessons are 30 minutes

  • Classes are offered Tuesday / Wednesday / Thursday

  • Lessons are year-round, with occasional short breaks to accommodate holidays



  • Monitor their child’s practice on an ongoing basis at home

  • Provide a piano in good condition, or a weighted digital keyboard with sustain pedal
    I highly recommend the
    Casio Privia line, they are so good I bought two!

  • Ensure all assignments are completed between classes and the practice playlist is checked

  • Meet financial commitments on the due date

  • Parent attendance is required for students age 17 and younger. 

  • Commit to a long-term relationship with piano lessons and structured practice at home

  • When a student advances to a new level, the Teacher Evaluation form is filled out



  • Bring their Orange Folder with all notes and playlist materials to class

  • The playlist must be kept “alive” marked daily and shown at each lesson

  • Student must practice on the same day after the lesson to reinforce the new learning

  • Watch videos assigned to each lesson

  • Practice 10–20 minutes per day, at least 5 days per week



  • Monthly tuition for weekly lessons: Shared $120/month; Private $200/month

  • Tuition is due by the first lesson of each month; late fees are $20/week after

  • Tuition remains the same regardless of the number of lessons in any given month

  • Student Home Materials cost around $35.00 per level

  • Supplemental programs cost $10-$20 per program

  • Please make checks payable to Michaela Kuenster

  • Venmo is also available and encouraged!: @MichaelaK


  • Please contact me 24 hours prior to the missed lesson

  • It is the responsibility of the student or parent to stay on schedule with assignments

  • Makeup lessons will be offered for an additional fee of $30

  • No credit is issued for missed lessons; missing class is like missing Soccer practice


  • PLEASE NOTE: Taking a month off of lessons without paying tuition is not an option!

  • In order to maintain your time slot, parents must pay half tuition fee during each month absent

  • IF you temporarily discontinue lessons you must re-enroll with the appropriate level and within the time slots that are open.  This may not be immediately available upon return!


  • PLEASE NOTE: A 30-day notice is required if you discontinue lessons

  • Tuition refunds cannot be issued within this 30-day period



  • If public schools are closed due to insane weather, national emergency, civil unrest, etc., the general policy is that the Art Center will be closed for lessons as well

  • If the studio closes for another reason (i.e., gas leak, plumbing disaster, etc.) a discount will be given of $20 will be issued for the following month



  • Opportunities will eventually be available (depending on Covid limitations) for students to share their talents

  • Students are strongly encouraged to take advantage of at least one of these performances, however in the meantime, they are encouraged to play in front of people as often as possible at home or at school

  • Weekly classes also give students the opportunity to play for others, by way of the shared lesson concept, increasing their comfort and confidence, as well as providing a social setting in which to share music



  • Receive a month of free lessons for each person you refer who enrolls! 

  • Referral bonus will be applied after the student has paid for their second month of lessons

  • No limits on referrals! Once Upon A Time, a lady brought me so many kids, she earned a free year of lessons!                                





Your commitment to the program will guarantee results! 

Here’s to the beginning of your life-long relationship with music!


568 Lighthouse Ave. Pacific Grove, CA 93950

Monaarch Music Piano Keys copy.jpg